Bot for Discord made using discord.js



Y2N -

ChatBot! is one of the best and simplest bots out there! I use it on all my servers and it helps out a lot! My favourite command is the 'clear' command as I can use it to keep my chats clean. And if you forget how to use the commands, it tells you what you need to do!

BanditBCR | Twitch Streamer & YouTuber -

This bot helped me out so much. At one point I was moderating a stream, playing games and looking over the Discord server. When Diesel came to me with the introduction of ChatBot it helped me in so many ways! It always looked after the community and promted them to use the `+help` command and welcoming new members to our community!


ChatBot! is a Discord Bot with over 70 commands, and is updated often!

It's current version is 4.6.26 and is running on over 120 servers!

It was made with ❤ by DieselGaming67#1689